Automatic Doors
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Automatic Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors

Standard automatic sliding doors are considered to be among the most common and best-selling automatic doors due to their simple sliding operation as well as their low wear and tear and low price.

In these types of doors, the opening width is usually half the width of the entire opening, which is made in four- or two-leaf doors, and there is a moving leaf installed for each fixed leaf.From undemanding entrances to places with high traffic, doors with normal or triple-glazing glass, average-sized entries or tall wide heavy doors, normal passages or escape routes,also automatic sliding doors are designed with attractive framing and sleek styles to complement any entry.

Automatic sliding doors create an inviting and easily accessible entrance. Though well suited to most organisations and commercial venues, they are particularly popular amongst supermarkets and hospitals. This is because automatic sliding doors open wide, making it easy to manoeuvre hospital beds, wheelchairs, shopping trolleys, and delivery palettes. Yet on top of that, automatic sliding doors will create an immediate impression in the minds of your visitors that your firm is established, professional, and trustworthy. If you want to improve accessibility to your building whilst creating an excellent first impression, then automatic sliding doors might be just the thing your premises need.


Automatic Telescopic Doors

The operation of these systems is similar to that of sliding automatic doors, the difference being that in terms of width, the opening slide is two-third of the entire opening. In this system, for each fixed leaf, there are two moving leaves installed, in which the second moving leaf moves with half the speed of the first moving leaf so they are placed on the fixed leaf harmoniously.

Automatic telescopic doors provide a very specific solution to a very specific problem. As automated doors are increasingly becoming a standard feature on many different types of building, more and more companies are looking to install smart, stylish and sophisticated automated entry systems of their own.

The problem is, some buildings are so small that their facades cannot accommodate a full-size sliding door system. However, despite their limited size, these buildings may still be required to provide ease of access for wheelchairs, loading pallets, shopping trolleys, or large footfalls of people.

Automatic telescopic doors provide an ideal solution where accessibility and convenience is necessary, but space is limited. Without taking up any extra room, they can provide up to 30% more opening width.

Automatic telescopic doors can be designed and installed as either single or two leaf models, with two or four sliding leaves. They run on sophisticated microprocessor technology to provide many years of smooth, convenient, and reliable low-noise operation.

Alfarqadain ‘s telescopic sliding doors have multiple options for customisation and are perfectly adaptable to all types of structures. This ability of adapting to architectural space offers a harmonious aesthetic which results in the elegant doors that characterise us.

Automatic Angular Doors

The operation of this systems is similar to automatic sliding doors, the difference being in their appearance, which is designed and built in a triangular shape.The angle can be directed towards the inside or the outside of the building – whichever direction you choose you can create a startlingly elegant and prestigious entrance with the automatic angular sliding door.The use of this system has an impact on the beauty of the entrance in buildings with special architecture.From undemanding entrances to places with high traffic, doors with normal or triple-glazing glass, average-sized entries or tall wide heavy doors, normal passages or escape routes.

They are available left opening, right opening or bi-parting and can be installed as part of new-build projects or retro-fitted to existing structures.Angular sliding doors are also for those unconventional spaces, be it the patio or your backyard. In angular sliding door, the middle of the door operator is fitted with a guide that changes the direction of the drive belts, ensuring virtually noise- free operation. Doors can be fixed at any angle greater than or equal to 90 degrees. Viewed from the outside of the building the doors can be angled inwards or outwards.

Alfarqadain automatic sliding door systems provide convenience and flexibility for access without contact with the door.


Office buildings


Convenience stores in filling stations

Apartment blocks



Automatic Break out Doors

In fact, this kind of door is an automatic sliding door, and its only difference with common systems is that in emergencies,This model is highly suitable for any type of heavy transit access when sudden evacuation may be required, and it is an added value for accesses where a large space for transit may be needed at certain times (car showrooms, etc.),During everyday use, the automatic door performs its task as a convenient contact-free passage, but in the event of an emergency or fire it is rapidly transformed into a safe and reliable fire escape route.

The door leaves are fitted with break-out fittings which enable the door to be pushed can open the fixed and moving leaves on their hinges and the entire door opening can be used as a useful width.

Breakout automatic door has been developed to meet all market requirements in terms of security in public resort.It offers more flexibility and more comfort of use.Alfarqadain has the system to meet your needs.

Automatic Folding Doors

Automated doors always create a great first impression for visitors to your premises. They tend to communicate that your establishment is professional, trustworthy, established, and credible.

This system can be used in any wide opening entrance which requires more than 80% door width opening.

A folding door saves space while providing easy opening and closing. Alfarqadain automatic folding door is ideal for installation in corridors and at access points of limited width. Where limited space in a passage area excludes the use of sliding doors, which require a side space to slide into an opening, automatic folding door provides a good solution and can be adapted to suit many situations and provide the perfect solution where space is limited.

The width of passage can be almost fully retained. Automatic folding doors can be retrofitted relatively easily. They are designed to work particularly well when fitted in corridors. Depending on the total width available, the folding door is built as one or two-sided.

Finally, automatic folding doors are quick and easy to install, meaning that they serve to greatly lower the cost of building modifications. As a result, they are the perfect choice for projects with limited budgets.


 the width of the passage can be almost fully retained    

 automatic folding doors can be retrofitted

 they work particularly well when fitted in corridors

 they can be used to section off areas

 particularly useful in narrow passageways


 folding doors are easy to open and close even against harsh winds

 particularly useful in narrow passageways/corridors

 they offer flexible entrances in a wide variety of environments
 they can be used to section off areas

Automatic Curve Doors

The operation of these systems is like automatic sliding doors, the difference being in their appearance, which has been designed and made in a curve. Use of curved systems in architectural designs in which curve mixes have been used gives the entrance to the building an extraordinary beauty.

An automatic curved door has all the benefits of a conventional automatic door whilst also being aesthetically pleasing and visually impactful.

It offers an elegant look with the high capacity , ease of passage offered by sliding doors. a slightly wider throat opening than normal sliding doors with the same installation width which allows for a larger throughput even in smaller entries.

If you wish to have a pres­tigious building entrance offe­ring the bene­fits of an automatic sliding door, our curved sliding door is the perfect solu­tion to meet your supe­rior demands.

Key features and benefits

of automatic curved doors:

Suitable for most building types

Microprocessor controlled


Highly reliable

Energy efficient

Low running costs

User friendly

Available in a range of finishes

Suitable for secure areas allowing for access control electrical and mechanical locking systems.

Automatic Revolving Doors

This system, in terms of its operation, has been designed in a way that the door is always closed while it is always open. Use of this kind of door, while providing the possibility of people’s simultaneous entering, the ability to move vast pedestrian traffic, and exiting prevents the direct contact of the inside and outside air. Use of this kind of door is recommended for places in which the temperature difference inside and outside the complex is high, and additionally, it is one of the most beautiful and chic automatic doors.

Several models of automatic revolving doors are available, using the most current   construction and sensor technologies to ensure safety, durability, energy savings, and ease of use. All of our automatic revolving doors offer a wide variety of sizes and finishes to suit any entrance and traffic flow. Thanks to its advanced technology, they add elegance and uniqueness to the entrance while ensuring the safety of users. Choose a door solution from the company that brings you the best in quality and service at a price to fit your budget.

Please contact us to determine the appropriate size automatic revolving door for your application.