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Product application description This product is magnetic card access control. Through the magnetic card machine or computer application software, it is convenient to carry out batch authorization or authorized authorization of the specified characteristic bits of various magnetic card, such as various bank cards, postal cards, VIP cards, membership cards,etc..,so that only some specific cardholders can enter (such as a specific bank, a specific bank in a particular area, a VIP customer, a specific VIP, etc..) When the machine is connected with the PC computers, it can record the on-site credit card to the computer in real time through the conversion communication of RS232 /485.It can also realize remote anti prying alarm, remote computer door opening, full cartoon opening and so on. The magnetic card access control machine is divided into two outputs, one is the RS485 signal to the computer, the background is authorized ,recorded ,alerting, and the remote door is opened; the other is the output of the rely contact signal, and the direct access to the access control system, so as to realize the opening of the electric lock or automatic door. The magnetic card integrated machine is equipped with an application software (CD-ROM). It can be used online or offline. Product overall characteristic 1.has the characteristic of computer on-line and offline operation. Distribution system management software. 2.the number of authorized card numbers can be up to 5600 when offline, so under normal circumstances , the authorized card capacity is almost unlimited. 3.it is specially equipped with management card to facilitate the authorization management of all kinds of cards through the management card when offline. 4.when you are online, you are carry out the batch authorization login of any feature location VIP card. PC computer online authorization makes the magnetic card access control machine offline. 5.through the application software, all cartoon cards can be set up so that any bank magnetic card can be opened. 6.we can set up blacklist through the application software to facilitate the entry of some magnetic card users. 7.it is convenient for remote door opening through application software, and it is convenient to modify and delete permission of authorized card. 8.when the site is prized, the computer receives the prized information and immediately sends out the “alarm signal” . 9.magnetic card reading is in line with the ANSI/ISO standard. 10.the zinc alloy metal shell is strong and durable; the design of anti dismantling screws is fixed, anti- theft and anti prying. Imported alloy magnetic head, super wearable. 11.adopt unique interference measures, suitable for various environmental installations.

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